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In seinen Songs huldigt das Powertrio (git/bs/dr) TAKE OFF TO NOVA dem Gitarren-Riff und -Solo wie einst Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Police. In den Melodien entdeckt man die Verspieltheit und „Coolness“ der Popmusik der ’80er.
Die Songtexte behandeln neben Persönlichem, vor allem philosophische und metaphysische Themen. Live zeigen TAKE OFF TO NOVA mit improvisierten Soli einen Faible für Jazz-Rock.

2009 wurde das Debut 'Waves of Resistance' veröffentlicht
2018 Release der EP „Scratch The Itch“


Set for a release date in December 2018, „Scratch The Itch“ is the latest exciting EP release from TAKE OFF TO NOVA,
the alter ego of singer and songwriter Roger Barrach. The extended play release is to be available for download and
streaming prior to the Christmas holiday period starting in earnest. 'Scratch The Itch' is a follow-up release to the
popular 'Waves of Resistance' EP and builds on much of the songcraft Barrach showed in that work.
The new EP has been produced and mixed to highlight Barrach's tuneful vocals and his stunning guitar work.

TAKE OFF TO NOVA may be a solo project, but 'Scratch The Itch' features some highly talented
musicians alongside Barrach, a man who has already established an enviable reputation as a
performer. As a live experience operating in band mode, Barrach has already announced that he
is looking forward to presenting the new songs on the EP on stage.
Barrach has also been working on other new material that will be presented soon.

Barrach's guitar playing and songwriting styles are distinctively his own. Listeners always know
when they are experiencing a TAKE OFF TO NOVA song. Channelling the spirit of Jimi Hendrix via Led
and The Police, Barrach's latest release shows subtle blends of heavy riffing with
thoughtful improvisation, his trademark style which runs throughout all the tracks on 'Scratch The Itch'.